Empowering Women with Sewing and Tailoring

RUWON Nepal-Empowering Women with Sewing and Tailoring

In August 2022, RUWON Nepal set up a free Sewing and Tailoring training program for underprivileged women to learn the skills necessary to become experienced tailors and seamstresses. We have bought 6 sewing machines, one interlock machine, 1 cutting table, 7 chairs, one iron and other needed items, etc. We have a good foundation to run the training.

The sewing training program has already graduated 28 women and currently teaching 14 at-risk women how to become skilled seamstresses. They are learning both fundamentals and advanced sewing techniques. The training lasts for a total of 6 months (six days a week and 2 hours a day) and after the program is completed, they will receive an official Certificate of Completion.

The women will then be able to use this certificate and skill set to secure employment, or start their own business. This will provide them with valuable life skills, artistic expression, and a strong sense of independence. This free education empowers women and positions them to have greater potential to earn a living and support their families.