• Women’s Worldwide Web, France
    women's worldwide web
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    Women’s WorldWide Web (W4) is an online crowdfunding platform aiming to promote girls’ and women’s empowerment worldwide, in cities and in rural areas, in both developing and developed countries. Harnessing the power of digital connection, W4 works to protect girls’ and women’s human rights and to promote their empowerment.

  • Planete Urgence
    Planete Urgence
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    In the space of a few years, solidarity has undergone a great many changes. Today, a wide range of initiatives are being implemented in developing countries: cooperatives, local associations, social entrepreneurs, producers’ organisations, etc. There are large numbers of stakeholders working on a daily basis to promote essential services for their local communities and help develop their regions. PU supports projects being implemented in vulnerable contexts, where local people are socially and economically isolated and natural environments are being destroyed.

  • Literacy Instruction for Texas
    Literacy Instruction for Texas
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    We are reaching into the neighborhoods where people live, work and worship. By teaching adults to read, we increase access to employment, reduce reliance on social services and improve the quality of life for our students and their families.

  • Garden of Hope Foundation, Taiwan
    Garden of Hope Foundation, Taiwan
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    The Garden of Hope Foundation is a non-government, not-for-profit organization established in 1988 to help and empower disadvantaged girls and women in Taiwan. In particular, we assist those living under sexual exploitation and abuse, domestic violence, and human trafficking. This includes both Taiwanese citizens and immigrants from Southeast Asia. The Garden of Hope operates one of the major national networks of shelters and centers for women and girls. Additionally, the Garden of Hope provides comprehensive services in counseling, temporary housing, employment training, social work and legal aid for women and girls in need. In addition to victim’s services, the Garden of Hope recognizes the importance of advocacy, preventive actions and legal protection in eliminating violence against women and girls. Since our establishment, we have led and participated in several multi-organizational efforts to draft and pass key bills, including the Child and Juvenile Sexual Transaction Prevention Act in 1995, the Domestic Violence Prevention Act in 2000 and the Sexual Assault Prevention Act.

  • Country Womens Association, Australia
    Country Womens Association, Australia
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    The CWA was formed in 1922 when country women were fighting isolation and a lack of health facilities. Within the first year, the Association was a unified, resourceful group that was going from strength to strength. The members worked tirelessly to set up baby health care centres, fund bush nurses, build and staff maternity wards, hospitals, schools, rest homes, seaside and mountain holiday cottages – and much more. The women of the CWA have been initiators, fighters and lobbyists. They have made localities into communities by providing social activities and educational, recreational and medical facilities.