Our vision
To improve the rights and social justice of women and children in Nepal.
To aspire for a society that is based on gender equality, human rights, good governance, democracy and peace.

Our Mission

RUWON Nepal strives to contribute for the economic and social development of the country at local, national and international levels by helping grassroots women and marginalized people through networking, empowerment and education.

We empower rural marginalised women and girls to give them a new life and a secure future.

Our Objectives

  1. To have a very strong rural network that links locally, nationally and internationally
  2. To champion equality and women’s rights and be the voice of rural women, lobbying government/ political parties
  3. To increase the number of economically self-reliant skilful women via Microfinance loans and education.
  4. To improve access to education and hold a fund to help educate women and children.
  5. To support children who are orphaned or abandoned, with education, love and care.
  6. To prevent trafficking and prostitution via awareness, empowerment and education programs
  7. To link with other partners, nationally and internationally to set up projects to help improve the lives of women and children.