People affected by earthquake are still seeking for help

Earthquake that took place on saturday of 7.9 rectar scale had adverse effect on many part of the country with 5000 deaths.

A powerful earthquake struck Nepal on saturday with death toll over 5000.It was the worst most tremor to hit the poor south Asian nation in over 80 years.According,to geological survey,earthquake occurred less than 50 mile from capital city,Kathmandu.

Many people are homeless and seeking for help from the government and other organizations.The massive earthquake that took place this saturday of 7.9 rectar scale has affected the entire country.

Most of the people have been injured and are not getting medical treatment properly.People have been forced to stay outside the house after the earthquake.A large number of houses and historical places have been destroyed by the tremor.

A large number of people are homeless and they are staying outside the house in the open ground with their families.People still do not have sufficient food stuff that could energize themselves to fight against the disaster.People are seeking fund which can help them to remain usual as before.The tremendous and deadly disaster has made the whole country in miserable condition.

The whole sudden quake in Nepal has affected the development infrastructures and many livelihoods.So far,many of the cultural heritages have been destroyed by the disaster.So,for this anyone interested to donate as per the humanity could also support through online media.We,RUWON Nepal is an organization creating a campaign for the helpless and needy people from all over the country.It’s a formal request for all the people who are willing to help the affected people through established in Kathmandu has a team of professionals on the ground that is trained and ready to help the victims of this disaster.All donations received over the next 30 days will be directed towards our relief efforts to help earthquake victims in Nepal.Our team is already working to assess the situation and long-term needs to help the local population in the aftermath of this tragedy .