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We urgently need funds to support Women and girls in local community projects You have the opportunity to choose the project you would like to sponsor. You can choose just to give a one-off donation or a yearly donation.

The projects that we urgently need funds for are:

Supporting the Children’s Home

We need funds for food, clothing and electricity for the girls in our home and to pay for their education (for the girls who are not yet sponsored).
It costs $16 a week, $64 a month to provide a home, food and education for each child. We would greatly appreciate any type of support whether it comes from a one off donation or continued financial support of the house or individual child through sponsorship.

Educational support for the girls in Sindhuli rural areas –

We are currently supporting 315 girls, enabling them to have the gift of education $15.00 sends a child to school for a month, $165.00 for a year.
Give a child the gift of education and change their lives for ever.

Other projects include

  1. Microfinance for women in rural areas -enabling them to get an income.
  2. Leadership and capacity training
  3. Educational support for women in Kathmandu
  4. Funding School equipment, uniforms, shoes, notebooks and stationary

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